Phosphorus bronze casting, Manufacturer, Supplier, Gujrat, India

Phosphorous Bronze Casting

Phosphor bronze Castings

Phosphor bronzes are wrought alloys containing copper, tin and phosphorous. The addition of tin increases the corrosion resistance and strength of the alloy and the addition of phosphorous increases its wear resistance and stiffness. Phosphor bronzes have superb spring qualities, high fatigue resistance, excellent formability, solderability, and high corrosion resistance. Leaded phosphor bronzes offer good strength, machinability, high wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

Typical Uses :- Industrial: Valves, Potable Water Applications, Gears, Pump Components, Bearings, Bushings, Pump Impellers, Piston Rings, Valve Components, Seal Rings, Steam Fittings, Trunnion Bearings, Wrist-Pin Bushings, Piston-Pin Bushings, Machine Tool Bushings, Roll-Mill Bearings, and Bridge Bearings Marine : Marine Fittings Plumbing : Plumbing Fixtures